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30 days slim

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  • Excellent results in only 30 days + easy to use

  • Chosen By More Than 5900 Users Around The World.

  • A Program Of Physical Activities That You Can Be Done At Home

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30-Days Slim

30 Days Slim  is a comprehensive weight loss program that is developed in collaboration with real people who have had weight problems, to really be able to develop a program that is effective for all people, we studied a few hardy Sensilab users, Under the microscope, we take their habits, their weight problems and desires and how they want to lose weight, and worked accordingly.

With your help, we have developed a comprehensive program that replaces:

professional nutritionist that understands your needs
professional coach that knows your physical abilities and time availability
professional adviser that chooses only the best nutritional supplements for your weight loss

The comprehensive weight-loss treatment 30 Days Slim was created especially for those who are looking for an easy way to lose weight, that does not take alot of time and does not require a lot of dedication.

30-Days Slim works for everyone as it contains an e-guide to eating schedule plus recipes, and simple exercises programme that you can perform at home or outdoor.


Did you know

that inorder for you to lose a pound, you need  to eat 300 calories less than usual everyday, or spend 300 to 500 calories through physical activity. This means that you will lose a pound in 12 days or after 12 hours of training.

 Of course, the trouble is the combination of exercise and diet once faster.

 30-Days Slim is the easiest weight loss program, which links:

  • physical activity
  • slimming diet and food supplements weight loss triple effect.

 30 Days Slim provides you with a comprehensive solution in one package for the fastest method of weight loss in 30 days, without thinking and searching for the perfect diet. 

30 days slim is a verified program with proven results for weight lost! 

What are the contents of the 30 days slim program? 

the 30 days slim program contains three products that stimulate your body to eliminate excess weight in a completely simple and natural way. All three products contain natural ingredients with proven effects that work best in synergy. Based on the study of human body weight loss is linked to three effects:

Appetit Stop

using natural ingredients effectively inhibits excessive appetite and banish the feeling of hunger wolf. This contributes to reduce food intake and to lose unwanted pounds

Fat Burner

inhibits the absorption of fats from food into the body and accelerate the melting of fat and eliminate fat. With its dual action helps to quickly noticeable progress in eliminating fatty plagues

Metabolism Boost

accelerates the loss of pounds even while you sleep. sets the gear body metabolism into high gear, which allows us to also resting losing extra pounds without any special effort.

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